MONA Pharos

MONA Pharos

Project Data


Museum of Old and New Art


Fender Katsalidas


18 months


$29.8 million


Dec 2017

The Mona Pharos project consists of an independent building connecting the existing museum via an intersection with an existing tunnel on the B3 level.

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The building has four levels, protruding over the River Derwent, and features purpose-built spaces to house several James Turrell artworks, as well as work by other artists.

The project features several unique elements which contributed to a challenging build, including the works over the water, the coordination and installation of several large scale artworks, and the construction of, and alterations to, multiple tunnels.

During the early planning meeting for the project it was identified the need for environmental controls, with the building projecting over the River Derwent, the extensive bulk excavation works needed to secure the building to land and the sensitive nature of Mona itself.

The build site was very steep leading straight to the water edge with very little in the way of vegetation. The project’s programmed completion date meant the project needed to get under way in June, not an ideal time to start bulk excavation works next to a water course. The excavation works took several months during the winter.

This was a very challenging undertaking from both a build and an environmental perspective.

Fairbrother’s environmental management processes, its site management team and constant ongoing monitoring of site conditions has returned a positive result for Fairbrother and Mona.