Department of Sustainability and Environment

Department of Sustainability and Environment

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Victorian Government


FPPV Pty Ltd


11 months




May 2010

Designed as a ‘breakout space’ for employees of the Department of Sustainability & Environment in Epsom, this building is highly flexible in its application. Comprised of a large open plan area with a fully equipped and modern kitchenette, this unique space has been fitted out with furnishings which provide a welcome escape from the confines of the traditional office desk.

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Perhaps the most notable features are the large granite pillars which form part of the external façade. Sourced from a local quarry in the Harcourt region, the granite took several months to extract and prepare for installation on site. Now routed in the landscape, these monolithic columns appear to pass seamlessly through the glazed wall.

In line with energy efficiency considerations, the building boasts a thermal chimney with automatic louvres linked to a Building Management System. This ensures the efficient use of natural airflows within the building and an integrated weather station will even prompt the louvres to close in the event of rain.

Custom made feature carpet inserts – based on traditional Aboriginal designs – present a vivid focal point amongst polished concrete floors, consisting exclusively of granite aggregate. Externally, an extensive landscape design is again centred around traditional Aboriginal themes. Numerous types and colours of stone and dry material make up the garden areas, whilst concrete paved areas are shaped to resemble an Aboriginal possum pelt.

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