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Penguin Foreshore Remediation Stage A delivered

Fairbrother has successfully delivered Stage A of the Penguin Foreshore Remediation project.

As well as stabilising and reinforcing the foreshore to help limit any coastal erosion, the project involved constructing approximately 850m of new shared pathway, a ramp to allow all abilities access to the beach and new beach access stairs. This has significantly improved access to the beach from the foreshore area.

The project was a Tasmanian effort with Fairbrother utilising the expertise of a number of local subcontractors and suppliers.

Statistics of note include:

363 Bridge Pro Verti blocks installed
1500 tonnes of scour protection to the existing sea wall (below the sand)
7600 tonnes of rock revetment
8000 tonnes of gravel fill for the pathway
750m3 of concrete used for the project.
This project is a great result for the team and is something which will benefit the Penguin community for many years to come.