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Fairbrother company announcement

There are some important changes happening within our management structure, effective from 1 July 2021, that we would like to let you know about. These are all changes which have been progressing for some time, as part of our regular succession planning process, and they have been planned and organised in an orderly way. Importantly, they are all internal changes that clearly demonstrate the depth of our company’s talent, and the opportunities for personal growth and development available to our employees.

To begin, I am stepping back to a Company Director’s role and, after 18 years as our company’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Edmunds will become our new Chairman.

Kurt Arnold will step up to take on the Chief Executive Officer’s role, where his close working relationship with Craig will continue. Marcus Perkins advances to be appointed the General Manager for Construction and Joinery in the North and North West, with Paul Ransley appointed our General Manager for Construction and Facility Management in Southern Tasmania. Michael Josey will continue as our General Manager for Construction in Victoria and Darryn Smith as our Business Development Manager.

On the divisional front, Phil DeJong will become our Southern Tasmania Manager and Brad Symmons our North West Tasmania Manager. Nick Freeman continues as our Northern Tasmania Manager with the added responsibility of leading our UTAS Willis Street project through to completion in December 2023. Dion Clarke continues as our Joinery Manager and Richard Colman as our Facility Management Manager.

In Regional Victoria, Brad Van Den Bosch will continue as our Central Victoria Manager and Aaron Finnigan as the South West Victoria Manager. In addition, opportunities are being explored to establish an office in Geelong with the likely promotion of one of our key employees to manage this region. A structured Business Plan is currently being implemented to support this initiative.

As Chief Financial Officer, Mark Nugent continues to lead a dynamic and dedicated Corporate Services division which encompasses SQE, financial services, human resources, training and competency, information technology and marketing and communications.

While these role changes will be formally effective from 1 July 2021, we are planning a 12-month transition period that will allow for responsibilities to be shared over that time. This will ensure the changes happen in a well-organised and orderly way and do not place undue pressure on our people or have any negative effect on projects already underway.

Along with these changes Kurt Arnold will also be appointed as a Company Director effective from 1 July 2021 and, when current Non-Executive Director Ian Roberts retires in December this year, Mick Josey will be appointed as a Company Director effective from 1 January 2022.

These appointments, along with our current management structure, and the quality of our people, mark a significant milestone in Fairbrother’s history. This is clear evidence of the continuing success of our stated purpose “To provide a workplace founded on our Guiding Principles where our people can learn and grow to their highest potential” and excellent progress toward our vision of being “A symbol of excellence in the Australian construction industry”.

Royce Fairbrother

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