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Louise Maconachie

Board and Executive Secretary

Louise joined Fairbrother in February 2022 having had extensive experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams primarily in the Victorian and Tasmanian water industries.

Her career experiences stemmed from an environmental focus in the mining industry which then led to a similar role in the Victorian water services sector. From there she quickly developed skills in risk and emergency management, strategy, governance, performance management and business compliance, taking on a multitude of different corporate support disciplines. She has had over 15 years of experience in a leadership role; during which time she has become an adaptable, flexible generalist manager who is focussed on
continual improvement and team success.

Louise puts a high priority on communication, not just within her team, but also across other areas of the business and with external stakeholders. She has the ability to learn quickly and connect people such that her team delivers a professional and valuable service to the business.