CH Smith Development

CH Smith Development

Project Data


Northern Outlet Developments Pty Ltd




22 months


$27.5 million


Mar 2019

CH Smith was a major community construction project undertaken in the heart of Launceston.

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The project comprised of the construction of a three-storey carpark creating new space for the city’s busy business centre, a two-storey commercial office building and the restoration of three heritage-listed buildings.

The project has revitalised the historic site, breathing new life into a site which had previously been a blight on the townscape for many years.

The commercial office is aiming to achieve a 5-Star Green Star Design & As-Built rating. This required high-specification glazing for both thermal and noise control. Extensive services were installed for lighting, heating and cooling control of the building.

The project also features three restored heritage-listed buildings. These building give the project a sense of history as they sit together with the newly constructed building.

This project had many challenges. From the initial in-ground works to working around the heritage-listed buildings.

In the initial ground works, more than 300 piles were required to be driven before any concrete foundations could commence. Once the pad footings could commence, careful planning was required to ensure that footings and slabs were poured in a way to maintain access to site for erecting precast panels, columns and suspended slabs.

The heritage buildings added another layer challenges in an already challenging project. These buildings were almost past the point of repair, but with careful design work and careful execution these buildings have been brought back to life and are a real focal point of the project.