Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Project Data


Bendigo Senior Secondary College


Y2 Architecture


5 months


$1.4 million


Oct 2020

The Bendigo Senior Secondary College project consisted of a modern fitout of an existing multimedia building and construction of a carpark, shade structure and basketball court externally.

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The school needed to remain operational throughout the project, so sequencing was planned around this and close communication with the school was paramount to ensuring a smooth project.

Important to the school was the completion of the multimedia building for the start of term 3, and through succinct programming and working closely with sub-contractors this goal was achieved within two months of project commencement.

Fairbrother also completed additional works within the existing restrooms during school holidays, to limit the impact on the students, and Supawood feature ply was used in the link bridge walkway between the multimedia and admin buildings with great effect.

Externally, a number of factors proved challenging to the project. Contaminated soil was discovered in the working area, and a contamination management plan was immediately developed and implemented to manage the testing and disposal of all soils on site. Additionally, weather conditions proved tricky during the project, with wind delaying the lifting of the shade onto the structure and rain delaying the surfacing of the basketball court.

Despite these challenges, the project was completed ahead of schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to the school.