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Notre Dame Wellbeing Centre

Fairbrother has embarked on the third stage of development at Notre Dame College in Shepparton, focusing on the construction of a new Wellbeing Centre. This new endeavour follows the successful completion of the Science Building in 2017 and the Arts Building in 2018. The latter receiving a 2019 Regional Building Award from Master Builders Victoria for Excellence in Commercial Construction. This third project with Notre Dame in the last ten years amounts to over $28m in development and aims to significantly enhance the college’s infrastructure.  

The project, scheduled over two years, includes demolitions and new constructions, starting during the school holidays in April 2024. A key feature of the project is the Saint Colman’s Building, the first erected at the school in the 1950s, which holds heritage significance. Its partial retention and restoration blend the school’s historic essence with its progressive outlook.  

“The red brick theme of the Saint Colman’s building is a significant aspect of the college’s history,” said Rick Carson, Project Manager for Fairbrother. “We’ll be bringing the windows up to modern energy efficiency standards, but the building’s brick facade will remain.” 

The Wellbeing Centre is poised to become a cornerstone of Notre Dame College, encapsulating the institution’s commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. It will feature modern amenities such as new administration areas, staff offices, a school canteen, and eight general-purpose learning areas, all spread across two stories. The construction will showcase a suspended concrete off-form slab with post-tension reinforcement, precast concrete shear walls, and a lift run. Architecturally, the project will be distinguished by a 43-feature column colonnade, ensuring a grand entrance to the school.  

This new facility is not merely an addition to the campus but is set to be the new frontage of Notre Dame College, representing the first impression for visitors and the college community alike. The impressive nature of this facility underscores the school’s focus on creating an environment that is not only conducive to learning but also reflective of the school’s values and aspirations. With this development, the college aims to make a statement of boldness and grandeur, welcoming all into a space that is both inspiring and welcoming.  

As Fairbrother progresses with this important new face to the college, the project’s significance extends beyond its physical boundaries. The completion of the Wellbeing Centre will mark a new era for Notre Dame College, enhancing the educational experience and well-being of its community. Fairbrother’s commitment to quality and innovation, coupled with the preservation of the school’s heritage, is set to deliver a facility that will serve as a beacon of excellence in education.