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Master Builders Vic Awards

Fairbrother Victoria’s commitment to excellence in construction has been vividly highlighted at the recent Master Builders Victoria Regional Building Awards. Mick Josey, sharing his elation, announced the triumphant reception of the Award for Excellence in Construction $3m-$6m for the prestigious St Francis of the Fields Primary School project in Strathfieldsaye, Bendigo.

This achievement is particularly remarkable as Fairbrother Victoria took the lead on the majority of this project, executed by their own proficient employees. This involved a range of tasks, from laying concrete slabs, erecting carpentry walls, and crafting timber roof trusses to meticulously designing feature timber elements, ensuring the internal fix and fit met high standards, and meticulously constructing the external concrete paving. The result is a testament to Fairbrother’s unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

The St Francis of the Fields Primary School expansion was a two-stage process, initiated by the growing demands of the population-rich Strathfieldsaye region. The first stage involved the relocation of existing portable buildings and the provision of essential accessibility features. Subsequently, a new 1,100 m2 building was constructed to cater to the evolving needs of the school.

However, like many projects in 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges to the project’s continuity. Adhering to government regulations and dealing with labor force shortages due to health concerns and rising material costs became an intricate task. Particularly challenging was the shortage of bricklayers in the local commercial sector, causing a four-month delay in commencing bricklaying works.

Despite these challenges, Fairbrother’s dedicated carpenters stepped up, playing a pivotal role in key aspects of the project. Their contributions spanned from framing the structure with timber and installing roof trusses to crafting the concrete structural slab, ceilings, decking, landscaping walls, internal feature fit-out, and even external cladding. The unconventional timing of completing internal works before external cladding was a strategic decision to ensure the project was completed by the New Year of 2022.

Amid these intricacies, Fairbrother’s commitment to delivering excellence in construction remained unwavering. The recognition garnered from the Master Builders Victoria Regional Building Awards is a testament to their exceptional work and dedication to pushing the boundaries of quality in every project they undertake.