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Apprentice of the Year 2023 | Cameron Direen

Cameron Direen, Fairbrother's 2023 Apprentice of the Year dressed in Fairbrother-branded hi vis standing in front of a natural timber facade.

Cameron commenced his apprenticeship with Fairbrother in 2020, and across his journey, has demonstrated that he is an excellent example of the traits and qualities that Fairbrother looks to instil in our apprentices and employees.  

Demonstrating an ability to work well both in a team and alone, Cameron has shown a willingness to take on and apply himself to any task given to him without fuss. 

Cameron’s work ethic, combined with his excellent can-do attitude and willingness to go above and beyond has been noted throughout his apprenticeship, with a number of supervisors and managers making special efforts to praise his ability, contributions, and the positive influence that he has on site. 

“Cam demonstrates a level of leadership beyond his years,” said Kurt Arnold, Fairbrother’s Chief Executive Officer when announcing Cameron as Apprentice of the Year. “Recently he was working with one of our younger apprentices and was able to recognise that this person had the capability and skills, so guided them through a series of questions to help them solve an issue from their own knowledge rather than simply telling them how to do it.”  

Cameron’s leadership skills have seen him taking steps to oversee different aspects of projects on recent jobs, including components of the cantilevered structure on the recent Bethlehem House project, and the ceilings and soffit linings at Glenson Place. 

A passion for learning and developing his trade has followed Cameron throughout his apprenticeship, with supervisors noting his pride in his work and representation of Fairbrother at work and training. 

“It’s been great to watch his growth over the past three or four years,” said Matt Scrimgeour, Fairbrother’s Apprentice Coordinator. “The attitude and professionalism with which he goes about everything is an example to everyone.” 

Congratulations Cameron on the award. We look forward to continuing to see you grow as your career develops further.