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Purpose, Vision & Values

2012 Hobart - Run The Bridge

Our people work according to a suite of guiding principles and in strict adherence to our company values.  Through this values-based approach to business we believe that we provide a consistent, fair and above all, positive experience to all of our clients and partners.

Our purpose is ‘to provide a workplace founded on our Guiding Principles where our people can learn and grow to their highest potential’.

Our vision is to be ‘a symbol of excellence in the Australian construction industry’.  This translates to continually striving to find better ways to do things, with our customers and the community always at front of mind.

Our Core Values are:

    Our people above all else.

  • We genuinely believe that our people are our greatest asset. To that end, we carefully select them, train them, nurture and support them to achieve great things for themselves and for our company.

  • Honesty & integrity at all times.

  • We recognise that unwavering honesty in all of our relationships and business dealings is key to achieving our stated goals.

  • Quality work as the accepted standard.

  • We are 110% committed to delighting our customers with outstanding service and work of the highest quality.

  • Innovation & continuous improvement.

  • We value new ideas and share them openly. Our people are encouraged to be open to smarter, better ways of operating.

  • Community contribution.

  • We strive to give back to the communities that our people live and work in. We look to our communities for support and in return we provide employment, charitable support and sponsorship.