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Local Government
Multi-purpose Facility


West Tamar Council



Meeting social and community needs

The multi-purpose, community, leisure and wellbeing centre was developed for the purpose of meeting, social, community needs and activities. The Child Care Centre, Medical Centre, Training Facility and Central Hub were constructed as innovative and modern facilities to enhance community services in achieving the council’s sport and recreation objectives. Windsor Park is highly accessible to the majority of the West Tamar and Launceston council populations. It also has good accessibility for many residents living in Meander Valley council.

facility is unique to Tasmania and offers a diverse range of indoor and outdoor leisure, sporting, community, social, health and education programs for the regional community. The Central Hub incorporates both offices and allied health tenancies such as Dentist, Physiotherapy, Pathology and Gymnasium/Health Club. The new complex sits adjacent to the existing Windsor Park football and cricket grounds allowing the new change rooms to be used by visiting football teams. The training facility, with its artificial grass and nets, is to be used for indoor cricket training.