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Office Complex
5 Star Energy Rating


Transend Networks


Lenah Valley, Hobart


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5 star energy rating

The state of the art office facility for Transend Networks, at their existing Lenah Valley site is 120 meters long, 25 meters wide, and has a footprint of approximately 3000 square meters. The design has a 5 star energy rating with the building incorporating many features of note.
The exterior form resembles a traditional saw tooth industrial building but with greater flair. This form, along with the carefully selected materials, insulation, and placement of windows adds to the comfort and economy of the space. Aside from the structure and what is seen, the services include solar hot water, 10kW solar electricity, an extensive climate control, and building management system to regulate the internal conditions.

Solar panels dominate roof space

The design of the building is based on a 5 Green Star design rating with double glazed units used extensively on all perimeter glazing. Solar panels dominate the roof space, supplying electricity back into the grid. Evacuated tubes gather hot water that is transferred to heating and cooling within the building.