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Assembly Hall


The Friends School


Hobart, Tasmania

Impressive and vast

The Friends’ School’s new auditorium building is a state of the art meeting, entertainment, and function centre.  The detailed and extensive external landscaping ensures that this new addition to the school’s infrastructure compliments the existing facilities on site.

The facility has been designed primarily to meet the requirements of the performing arts faculties and comprises recording rooms, practice rooms and a large auditorium which seats over 800 guests. The facility also boasts large foyer and gallery areas which are used to display art work produced by students, and a kitchen which can be used for on site catering.

The most striking feature of the auditorium is the impressive and vast hoop pine plywood-lined curved ceiling which was produced in line with a strict acoustic brief. 
greater flexibility

The auditorium also boasts a 350 seat retractable seating platform which at the flick of a switch, can expand or retract within 30 minutes, giving greater flexibility to the useable space of the building.

The mechanical heating system for the building is connected to the reticulated natural gas supply which ensures low operating costs and a reduction in electricity consumption.

The external facade of the building is predominately charcoal and off white precast concrete panels including stainless steel and brass inserts. A large feature of the external facade is the 150mm thick Hebel panelling which also lines the rear wall of the internal upper foyer. More subtly positioned but bold in presence is the bright red Alucabond panelling to each upper corner of the building.