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Norske Skog
Paper Mills Australia Ltd



Controlling emissions

Following on from a number of projects at Norske Skog Boyer (NSB), Fairbrother won the tender to assist NSB to significantly improve the quality of their effluent discharge and achieve new environmental emission targets.
Fairbrother were engaged by NSB to construct a Biofilm and activated sludge tank, which was effectively two tanks in one, a process control building, and miscellaneous civil infrastructure including a heat exchanger slab and drainage, RAS pump support slabs, primary effluent pumps inlet structure, sludge mixing tank, biofilter tank, phosphoric acid and caustic storage tanks, and valve pit.

Fairbrother’s ability to construct major civil works was critical to the success of this project. The 12.5 mega litre Biofilm and activated sludge tank required a 14 hour continuous pour of 680m3 of 50 mpa concrete to prepare the 44m diameter x 400mm thick base slab. The slab’s foundation consisted of 250 treated timber piles driven through ash fill to an average 15m depth and when completed contained 96 tonnes of steel reinforcement. The impressive tank walls were constructed from 22 x 11 metre high and 44 x 10 metre high and 300mm thick vertically precast panels tensioned post precast to resist the 12.5 mega litre fluid loads imposed on the tank walls.
In order to meet NSB’s strict completion dates, Fairbrother constructed the three elements, the tank, civil works and process control building, concurrently whilst working in with separate contractors carrying out other simultaneous infrastructure works.