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Large Scale Civil Works
Industrial Facility


Norske Skog Boyer



State-ofthe-Art Industrial Facility

The Norske Skog Softwood Conversion Plant is a large, state-of-the-art industrial facility capable of providing wood chips for the whole of the Boyer Mill’s requirements. This softwood platform significantly reduces the Mill’s environmental impacts and minimises effluent treatment costs.
Constructed over an extensive area and integrating with the Mill’s existing operating facilities, this complex project was delivered with only minimal disruption to Norske Skog’s operations. The Fairbrother package of work encompassed the construction of all precast and formed concrete elements, each being designed to house or support an intricate web of above ground infrastructure including specialised plant and long, elevated conveyor systems.*

Logistical Challenges

The logistical challenges presented during this build emphasise Fairbrother’s capability in the civil construction field. Key to the success of this project was the relationship between the client, sub-contractors and specialist contracting partners. The Norske Skog Softwood Conversion Plant is the result of a true team effort comprising state, national and international experts in industrial scale construction.

*The visible infrastructure comprising structural steel, machinery and conveyor systems was installed by specialist contractors working directly under Norske Skog.