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Glenorchy Medical Centre


Epoh Health


Glenorchy, Tasmania


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Accessible and efficient

Glenorchy Medical Centre, situated right in the heart of Glenorchy’s commercial district, replaces an existing, dilapidated building.  Delivered as part of a strategy to centralise health services and make the doctor/patient interface more accessible and efficient, this modern facility provides for a range of professional health care services.

The project presented a number of specific challenges during construction including a tight time frame, site boundaries abutting a busy shopping centre, and the close proximity of a main road and car park with constant pedestrian and vehicular movements.

Highly flexible and configurable

The precast concrete and steel structure features a post tensioned suspended slab and ample ceiling space, providing uninhibited space on both levels for a highly flexible and configurable workspace.  A clean and simple fit-out was carefully considered so as to maintain the high level of hygiene required in a modern health facility, whilst maintaining a pleasant, functional and user friendly environment.

The project was delivered on time and to budget and represents a key asset in Glenorchy’s rapidly expanding service base.