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Forest Eco Centre Scottsdale


Forestry Tasmania




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interactive interpretation centre

The Forest EcoCentre, situated at the entrance to the township of Scottsdale, houses an interactive forest interpretation centre that focuses on the landscape, forest communities and history of the North East.
Fairbrother were chosen to construct this visually exciting and challenging project following the submission of a competitive guaranteed maximum price (GMP) tender.
The structure comprises a 30 metre truncated cone rising 14 metres above the ground, which encloses a secondary structure containing the offices of Forestry Tasmania. This distinctive structure is a building within an external shell, which is able to control its own environment with the aid of air flows and plants and trees that act as bio-mediators to create its own microclimate.

contemporary office facilities

The combination of an innovative structural steel arrangement and the careful placement of plywood panels and polycarbonate glazing, ensures that the building uses only 20% of the normal energy requirements of contemporary office facilities. A double-layered, Teflon-coated fibreglass membrane roof further enhances the building's remarkable thermal performance.
During the project's development phase, the architects provided Fairbrother with the opportunity to provide considerable input into the construction methods and details adopted. This team approach generated significant time and cost savings for the client and ultimately resulted in delivery of a highly functional and architecturally stimulating building.