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Pit Maintenance Facility


Australian Bulk Minerals Pty Ltd


Savage River



Stringent environmental conditions

Due to the then world demand for iron ore and their capital expenditure on large mining equipment, the client, Australian Bulk Minerals Pty Ltd, required a new pit maintenance facility at their open cut magnetite iron ore mine at Savage River on the West Coast of Tasmania.
The project involved the construction of a number of structures including two 17-metre high buildings to provide workshop, stores, offices and refuelling facilities. A truck wash and an electrical switch room also were built on site. In addition, the project also called for the construction of a large concrete hydrocarbon separator pit to meet stringent environmental conditions.

Tight timeframe

The remoteness of the location and the tight construction timeframe of just over seven months resulted in Fairbrother’s decision to establish an on-site camp for its workers. With difficult weather conditions, including floods, bushfires, strong winds and snow, and mining operations continuing throughout the construction period, ensuring the safety of its workforce was a priority for the company.